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Drs Mark and Liz Pendergrass are on a mission to help you reach your God-given potential, in Health and in Life! They are here to inspire you to greatness, in whatever capacity they can!

Drs. Mark & Liz Pendergrass

Drs. Mark & Liz Pendergrass

Chiropractor, Speaker, Health Visionary

Dr. Mark is a lifelong athlete and ex-college soccer player, Dr. Liz is a horse-loving, novice ex-figure skater, and together we are fitness freaks, nutrition nuts, and mountain climbing enthusiasts.

We have spent over a decade experimenting with different workouts, nutrition plans, and sports supplements in order to maximize our performance and get the most out of our bodies. Since then we've had the opportunity to train and learn from some the world's foremost health experts. Our passion is to see people reach their fullest potential in health and life through the education and application of The 5 Essentials of Health.

Our clinic has quickly become one of the largest natural health centers in the U.S. and it's because we're all about results. Instead of a traditional treatment-based system that relies on drugs and surgery to cover up a problem after you get sick, our patients get educated, empowered, and are given clear objectives to fix the cause of their health problems and maximize their health. Our vision is to see millions of people able to restore their health and achieve the abundant life they were destined for.


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